WrestleStat Adds DIII

WrestleStat has added results and rankings for Division III. Matches from the 2018-2019 regional and NCAA championships and the entire 2019-2020 season are on the D3WrestleStat site. WrestleStat also generates rankings based on a variation of the Elo system used in chess and other rankings. When a wrestler wins, his Elo rating goes up based on the Elo rating of the opponent and the margin of victory, and the rating of the losing wrestler goes down.

The rankings allow for team rankings and simulated team duals and will list common opponents for the matchups in each dual. The best way to learn about the site is to go there and see the information that is available.

D3WrestleStat – d3wrestlestat.azurewebsites.net

WrestleStat Adds a NCAA DIII Site (rokfin.com)