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2022-2023 d3wrestle.com Rankings #1


As the season kicks off today, here is the first set of d3wrestle.com Rankings for the 2022-2023 season. Much of the information here came from the preview survey sent out to coaches as well as who appears as certified on TrackWrestling. These will get better as teams begin their seasons. As always, here are some early-season caveats:

  1. In Rankings #2 and beyond, wrestlers will be ranked at weights where they compete.
  2. Freshmen and non-DIII transfers do not appear in the first rankings.
  3. Anyone not expected to compete this semester will not be ranked until he wrestles.
  4. Contenders and Honorable Mention are in alphabetical order by last name. The first guy in the Contender list is not ranked 11th.

If you see any misspelled names or misidentified schools, please leave a comment or get in touch.

d3wrestle.com 2022-2023 Rankings #1 – November 1, 2022


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