2017 Bracket Facts

  • No #1 seed finished lower than third place, and every #1 seed made the semifinals.
  • The lowest seeded champion was #4 Daniel Del Gallo at 149, and he faced one of the two unseeded finalists in the tournament.
  • 157 had the most unseeded placewinners. 5th through 8th place were all unseeded, while the top four places went in order of seed.
  • One one of the top 3 seeded wrestlers failed to place (Vandall, 165)
  • Owen Doster (Wabash), Michael LaBell (JWU), and Christos Giatras (Augustana) lost in the preliminary round and came place to place. All three of them finished 7th.
  • Lucas Jeske (Augsburg) was the only wrestler with more than one technical fall in the tournament.
  • Gregory Warner (York) scored the only first period tech fall.
  • There were five falls in the first minute of matches and 36 in the first period.
  • Six wrestlers competed seven times in the tournament. 22 more wrestlers had six matches.
  • Triston Engle (Brockport)┬áscored more team points in his 4th place finish at 197 (20.5) than Lucas Malmberg (Messiah) scored as the 125 champ (20). He also won the most falls award.
  • 197 had the most pins with 11. 157 had the least with 4. Unsurprisingly, 197 scored the most team points, though 174 scored the least.
  • Augsburg led all teams with 7 falls. Wartburg led with 3 tech falls.
  • 10 wrestlers entered the tournament undefeated. Four won the championship (Weinmann, Dierna, DeVos, Roseberry).
  • Lucas Malmberg (Messiah), Bobby Dierna (Cortland), and Zachery Roseberry (Delaware Valley) all became 4x All-Americans.
  • Riley Lefever (Wabash) finished his career with 92.5 team points, 6 falls, and 4 NCAA Championships.


  • PB says:

    Nitpickey, but the 2nd to last item doesn’t list Riley Lefever. Yes, he’s listed in the last one, but his 4 championships _do_ mean he was a 4x AA

  • Dave says:

    Guy Patron Jr. at 197 had a first round loss… wrestled all the way back including a consi pigtail and got 3rd. How many times did that happen?

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