Proposed Rule Changes for 2011-2012

The NCAA Wrestling Committee has released its recommendations for rule changes for next season. These changes will be considered for approval during the May 11th conference call of the Playing Rules Oversight Panel. Here are the highlights

1. Wrestlers will be able to grant an escape during a stoppage and have both wrestlers start on their feet, thus giving the defensive wrestler an escape point. This rule was put into place for high school a few years ago.

2. Clarifications on stalling and changing of the penalty structure. The first violation is a warning, the second is one point, and all subsequent violations will be one point plus choice of position. It will no longer be possible to be disqualified for stalling.

3. Injury timeouts – recommendation that a wrestler signalling an injury timeout be penalized one point. Read the release for more information, but if this goes into effect, it will be interesting to see how officials are instructed to apply it.

4. Clarification of the flagrant misconduct penalty procedure

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