Why wrestlers are forever in debt to the sport – Pankil Chander

Wilkes wrestler Pankil Chander wrote the article linked below this past weekend and posted it to Medium

Why wrestlers are forever in debt to the sport

“I made a prosperous voyage when I suffered shipwreck”
– Zeno of Cituim (336–221 BC)

The dichotomy between wins and losses are simple: achievement & failure — yet that is the empowering nature of competition, there is much to be achieved through the failures.

I’ve heard many times before that as wrestlers, as competitors, there are only fourteen guys in high school and ten in college that are truly fulfilled at the end of each season. They earned every inch of the tangible reward of a gold medal and the privilege to gracefully cheese for the cameras on top of the podium.

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  • bc says:

    Very nicely done! Would never have guessed the author a soon to be college grad. This young man shows wisdom beyond his years!

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