2017 Picks Game

The 2016 d3wrestle.com Picks Contest is here. Read the rules closely. The prize will be an item from the d3wrestle.com store. Here is a link to the brackets.

  1. You are to choose 10 wrestlers, one from each weight class.
  2. You are to choose a maximum of one wrestler for each seed and a minimum of two unseeded wrestlers.
  3. You may replace any seeded wrestler with an unseeded wrestler. e.g., if you want to pick an extra unseeded wrestler instead of the 8th (or other) seed at a weight, that is permissible, as long as you only choose one or zero wrestlers for a seeded spot.
  4. Your score is the combined team points scored by your ten wrestlers. A list of scores will be provided after the tournament.
  5. Post your team as a comment to this post before 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, March 9th. The format is as follows: Seed, Weight, Name, School. Place each wrestler on a separate line in order of seed. Make sure the email address attached to your post is real so I can contact the winner.
  6. Ties will be broken by whoever has the most champs, then runners-up, and so on.